Quick word on predicting flow directions

In this post, I’ll briefly describe some nice results of the prediction of the directions in a flow field based from a work I did jointly with Jes Frellsen and Rich Turner. They are quite simple and more sophisticated settings can easily be conjured but can add unnecessary further complexity to understand the key concepts […]

Updated presentations

I have added the presentation on “Probabilistic Data Structures and Algorithms” that Christian Steinruecken and I have prepared for the Machine Learning Reading Group in 2013. It’s very interesting material, especially if you don’t know where to start on data structures for scalable machine learning and very large datasets – i.e big data, if you […]

New content and presentations

I just added a new section where you can check out some of the presentations I’ve made during the last few years. Hopefully that will be of interest to some people. I have also completely changed the site layout to a blog format so I may make posts concerning my research and other topics of […]