Here are some selected presentations I have created over the past years.

  • Spotlight AAAI-2017 presentation (07/Feb/2017) on the multivariate Generalised von Mises
    • A presentation covering the aspects of the multivariate Generalised von Mises model (see the companion paper here), outlining a Gaussian Process analogue for the N-Torus and a probabilistic PCA with latent angles.
  • A crash course in Bayesian Reinforcement Learning (03/Nov/2016) with Amar Shah
    • A presentation covering model-based reinforcement learning based on this excellent review. I don’t have the slides for the model-free approaches to RL (e.g. Temporal-Difference learning, etc), so at a later date, I’ll just redo it.
  • POMDPs (Part 1 and Part 2 – 02/Jun/2016) with Rowan McAllister
    • A presentation outlining Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes, some extensions and solution techniques.
  •  Deep GPs (26/Mar/2015) with Thang Bui and Richard Turner
    • A presentation on Deep Gaussian Process models and variational learning featured as a part of the Cambridge Machine Learning Group Reading Group.
  • Probabilistic Data Structures and Algorithms (05/Dec/2013) with Christian Steinruecken
    • An interactive presentation on data structures and algorithms that use probability and randomness for efficient computation or storage (e.g. in large datasets). This talk was featured as part of the Cambridge Machine Learning Reading Group.

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